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What we Do





valuingYOU works in partnership with clients to surface and resolve whatever is getting in the way of people being the very best that they can be.



Passion with purpose    Powerful mix of soft and task focus

Punchy                            Constructively challenge norms

Partnership                     Involve and inspire with integrity

Productive                      Bespoke solutions with long term benefits

Brand Value



While growing the business, the founding MD was keen to retain their business ethos.


valuingYOU worked with the senior managers, Board members, staff and key customers to explore their current USP and how they needed to adapt in the next 10 years to remain a market leader.


The feedback was shared at a workshop, involving staff and executives.  They worked collaboratively, with great energy and enthusiasm to define their brand values: 


Tenacious – Collaborative 

Connected – Clear


valuingYOU worked with the Executives to understand what this meant for them and how they lead the business.


valuingYOU then helped them develop how these values could be integrated throughout their working practices  from recruitment through to customer service.


Matching the employee experience to their customer experience was fundamental to their continued growth.


Culture Change



"It is a place of no hope.  We come in and do what we think is right, because no one tells us otherwise" Staff


"Everything goes into a black hole.  And if they do respond, then their first response is "no" Customer


Silo working was the norm. Leadership direction was nil. Customers were developing a business case to outsource the service.


Having explored the reality, shared feedback with Executives, managers and staff, developed a clear vision -valuingYOU worked in partnership at all levels to surface and overcome barriers to change. In addition to extensive culture change, systems and processes needed to be redesigned. This included: introduction of monthly 121s, Personal Development spend prioritised on delivery of strategy; Customer experience training.......


In 6 months results demonstrated: 

Increased motivation +21% points

Deals with poor performance effectively +47% points


12 months later the client achieved Investors in People accreditation.

Customer Experience



"We're struggling to define the service we offer to our customers. We need our staff to deliver consistently"


This was the brief that valuingYOU received from an Executive team.


valuingYOU designed a workshop.

As pre work executives were asked to: Spend time with customers and staff, to explore their expectations.

Bring an object that depicts good customer service.

Bring examples of good customer service.


It was clear as the workshop progressed that the Executive Team were stuck. This wasn't the first time they had tried to define their service offering!


Instead of focusing on their customer service, valuingYOU "flipped" their thinking by asking them to step into the shoes of their customer. Focusing on their customer experience energised the Executives and soon after their customer experience was defined.


valuingYOU worked with staff and managers to thread this through everything they do, from behaviours to process changes, to deliver a consistent customer experience.

in line with our values, client names are withheld to respect client confidentiality

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