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Grow your own Highly Productive culture

Culture Vultures: left unsupported, these potential saboteurs will destroy shoots of growth either deliberately, or simply through lack of interest.

Why does it matter?

Highly successful companies recognise the value of their culture. Their staff know how to respond and what is expected of them. Their skills and expertise are valued and built upon. They are trusted to deliver.

Highly successful companies attract and retain staff. Their leaders clearly define the business values and bring them to life through their decision making, behaviours and brand.

Highly successful companies understand that the recruitment process is two way, that they have to appeal to potential employees to come and work for them. They recruit Culture Catalysts, people who can contribute to and thrive in their business.

Highly successful companies have loyal customers. Their customers appreciate the customer experience that they receive and are confident that if something goes wrong, it will be resolved.

Culture Vultures can often be the result of poor management. They may have been promoted beyond their competence and struggling without support. They may be a reliable employee, who has been left behind as others are recognised for exceeding expectations at the expense of their colleagues. A Culture Vulture may be disenchanted and will readily share their frustration with anyone and everyone. A Culture Vulture is likely to be a disengaged employee, who is unproductive. Each Culture Vulture costs you 1/3 of their salary.

Many of the Culture Vultures that we come across are valued for their expertise, their unacceptable behaviours are completely ignored. Left to infect others with these unacceptable behaviours, Culture Vultures ferment in the “too difficult box” resulting in a toxic environment which at best, prevents others from being the best they can be at work. At worst, their colleagues leave, along with your loyal customers and sometimes your brand reputation too.

Grow your own Highly Productive Culture with the resources you already have:

Growing your own culture with a mix of Culture Vultures and Culture Catalysts may seem impossible. By assessing the environment and designing the future, organisations define the values and behaviours that are needed to Grow their Highly Productive Culture and future proof their business.

Culture Catalysts are to be encouraged to become involved in shaping the new culture. The Culture Vultures, who influence their peer group, are to be invited to join them. Their collective involvement and contribution to two-way communication and developing solutions, accelerates the growth of your Highly Productive Culture.

Growing a Highly Productive Culture is not a quick win. It takes leadership commitment, combined with their cohesive behaviours to bring the values to life. It requires upskilling managers and staff, setting clear expectations and new processes to support behavioural feedback, recruitment that attracts the people who will thrive and contribute to business growth.

Your unique breed of Culture Vultures will become extinct.

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