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The Wealth Generation Ecosystem proposes a new model...

...for creating a more engaging, progressive, sustainable and productive organisation

Stakeholder value is no longer the key measure of success. Today’s measures of success are much broader.

The Covid Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, as well as changing in significant ways the organisations within which we work. Welcome to this bold thought leadership combined with pragmatic next steps.

This report evaluates the relationship between people productivity, our personal, organisational and societal success. It explores the reality of productivity in a post pandemic world and provides bold thought leadership into how you and your Executive Team can influence people productivity for the benefit of your employees, your organization and society as a whole.

Our report was initially published by Engage for Success in October 2021; the full report can be read here.

Due to popular demand, we have also produced a summary of the full report. It is designed to share the key messages with Executives and Leaders. Each slide has key messages with additional details in the notes section for those who want to read further.

We urge you to invest a few minutes to digest this summary presentation and the report, in the hope that it will trigger conversations with your colleagues that will change the shape of your organisation as you identify its relevance and agree your next steps.

For support in terms of facilitation, mentoring, coaching or consultancy associated with this topic, the contact details of the authors, who also volunteer some of their time to further the values and principles of Engage for Success, can be found on the last slide.

Very many thanks to our fabulous Engage for Success volunteer co-authors: Alistair Aitchison, Fiona Anderson, David Evans and Gethin Nadin.


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