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How will you stretch and grow this year?

Coaching or Mentoring? What is the difference? What are the similarities?

Both help you to press the pause button, to make time to explore what is important to you in a safe, confidential and supportive space.

Coaching predominantly looks forward, to explore and create solutions. Mentoring is learning from someone who has the experience and expertise that you are seeking to grow. Both can be combined to suit your needs.

How do you start?

Step 1: Reflect on last year, what did you enjoy most at work? What were you doing when you were at your best? These are your strengths, so ask yourself how you can do more of these things this year to stretch and grow at what you are good at.

Step 2: Continue to reflect on last year, what was happening when you struggled with your confidence? When was your energy and motivation in short supply? Which relationships inhibited you being your best at work? What were those crunchy moments that you need to work through so that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation this year?

Step 3: Now take time to imagine you at work this time next year. What do you want to be looking forward to at work and outside of work this time next year?

Step 4: Fast forward to summer this year, describe what success would look like for each of the above, identify your key goals for your personal development this year.

Step 5: Identify the right coach/mentor for you** Request a no commitment, free meeting to explore your needs and how the experience of the coach/mentor can help you. The “chemistry” and trust between you both will be key to your success. At the end of this meeting both the coach and you have the opportunity to agree whether to progress or not.

** So how do you find the right coach/mentor for you?

Keen to explore further? Then please do contact us at


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