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Exploring Group Coaching at Coaching Connections

Saturday 13th November, 10:30 – 12:30

Join Fiona Anderson to consider Group Coaching from different perspectives:

  • As a participant

  • As the client, contracting to achieve a return on investment

  • As a coach

Join us to:

  • explore Group Coaching

  • share your experiences

  • learn from others

  • identify key messages to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) and to market group coaching

Prior to the event we invite you to watch 3 short videos. These videos capture reflections from a group of professional women in Kenya:

Part 1: Introductions from Naomi, Grace, Esther and Caroline and their reasons for participating in Group Coaching

Part 2: The impact that being a participant in group coaching has at work

Part 3: Exploring personal benefits from Group Coaching

To contribute to and to benefit fully from our time together, we encourage you to watch the videos in advance and come prepared having identified the key messages that you could use to demonstrate a ROI.

Our facilitators for the session are Fiona Anderson and Jayne Sharples.

Find out more about Fiona and her work at My Change Expert and valuingYOU view her profile here. Since the first lockdown in 2020, Fiona has coached a professional woman in Kenya. Her clients appetite for learning and personal growth was a joy to witness. Fiona offered her an opportunity to bring together a group of professional women who would benefit from a group coaching experience. Fiona’s hope is that they would be able to “gift forward” their learning to support similar growth for professional women in Kenya.

Jayne is Group Coordinator at Coaching Connections and specialises in career coaching. Most of Jayne’s work time is spent at the University of Birmingham where she is the Postgraduate Careers Consultant in Careers Network and an internal coach in the University’s Coaching Academy. She will contribute to the Group Coaching session her experience of being a participant in a group coaching programme and her experience helping to design and deliver group coaching.

To book your place at this session please email Jayne:


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